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Dynamic Cell Sizing in Mobile Cellular Networks   Angela Amphawan and Kashif Nisar

Dynamic Cell Sizing in Mobile Cellular Networks

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The proliferation of multimedia data services has spurred the remarkable growth of the mobile cellular network industry. To optimize the resources and performance of mobile cellular networks, spectrum management and traffic congestion control are key issues. In large cities, traffic demands are heavier in the city center compared to the suburbs, with a large busiest to quietest traffic ratio. Dynamic cell sizing is a flexible traffic congestion control mechanism which increases the capacity of a network by adaptively varying the pilot power to modify the coverage areas of cells for optimum performance under various traffic conditions. In order to mitigate the occurrence of coverage holes in a dynamic cell sizing environment, it is important to prioritize cell attenuation based on the traffic load of adjacent cells. This book presents a novel framework for predictive priority-based cell attenuation in dynamic cell sizing.
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