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Management Information Systems (MIS)   Chrispen Chiome,Primrose Kurasha and Raphinos A. Chabaya

Management Information Systems (MIS)

356 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The information market is booming. During the past two decades, information technology has advanced at an overwhelming pace. Since the mid-1990s, information has replaced capital as the key differentiator in global competition. The result: executive headaches and a great deal of the mother of opportunity, confusion. This book on managing information systems well is vital to a corporation’s long-term competitive success. If companies are to continue to add value to customers by helping them make substantial, lasting improvements in performance, managing information is a critical tool. And almost every company has exploitable information assets, but few companies systematically explore the opportunities they create. And although there is no simple silver bullet approach to implement, the rewards can more than justify the effort. Thus this book is a must read for all those in the information systems management and others who want to broaden their understanding of MIS or use information...
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