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WBEM for Heterogeneous Network Management   Manvi Mishra and S.S. Bedi

WBEM for Heterogeneous Network Management

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We have tried to retain the brevity of first edition. WBEM allows the management of any element in a standard and inter-operable manner. We have added enhanced WBEM architecture for heterogeneous network management. The work is based on research analysis conducted for dissertation.Intended for network professionals, research scholars,as well as strategic administrators this fascinating book can be well relied upon as the essential reference to the standards, software tools and technologies of WBEM today. We hope that this book will help you to learn Web Based Enterprise Management. Key Features: • Focus on object oriented WBEM enabled solution for heterogeneous network management • Lucid , simple and user friendly language • Enhanced content added • Completely explains established and emerging standards like xml, exi, binary xml, wbem • Updated and expanded coverage of network management • Extensive references throughout the text • Coverage of advanced systems and...
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