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Securing the Public Wireless Network   Elliot Attipoe

Securing the Public Wireless Network

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Broadband access to the Internet is an economic and social necessity in this information age, resulting in a high demand for access from the general public. This have resulted in an increase in public networks, which enable more ubiquitous access to the Internet. The wireless technology (Wireless Fidelity) is heavily deployed for such networks. However, one of the problems with the adoption and use of the wireless network is security. The broadcast nature of the network creates significant challenges. Evidence from the academic literature suggests that security breaches are widespread. Securing the public wireless network is considered to be a dual responsibility between service providers and end users. However, end users have been identified as the weak link in network security chain as they lack the required understanding of the security risks. This book, therefore, provides an understanding of users attitude towards security on the public wireless network. The analysis should...
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