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240x285 254 страниц. 2002 год.
Ganymed Publishers
Sergei Sviatchenko was born in 1952 in the Ukraine, the most southerly republic of the Soviet Union. He moved to Denmark in 1990, and became a Danish citizen ten years later. He grew up and matured as an artist in the midst of the cultural chaos that his homeland underwent. As a result, by the time he came to Denmark he was already formed as an artist, and could not take part in the artistic developments that have taken place here. None the less he has managed well. So well that he has been able to support himself and his family since the very first day of his arrival. An outsider, the prey of international politics, a survivor with considerable artistic ability and a rich emotional span. This book tells something of his life, his artistic background and development prior to his arrival in Denmark. This will come as something of a surprise to those who have only seen occasional glimpses of his art, and will hopefully pave the way for a further understanding of its breadth...
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