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The Power of Cloud Computing   Variza Negi

The Power of Cloud Computing

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cloud computing is a steadily developing information technology in which shared resources, software and information are provided to the users on-demand. Cloud computing is the product of the fusion of traditional computing technology and network technology like grid computing, distributed computing, parallel computing and so on. Smartphones are the mobile phones which are smart as they offer features like the ability to run various types of software applications, perform heavy computations and have web browsing capabilities. Offloading computation from resource constrained devices has been an area of focus for researchers. The main aim of this research is to improve the perceived performance of mobile devices by utilizing the broadband wireless connectivity of these devices. Previous research shows that there can be many compute intensive operations which are resource intensive and badly deplete the battery power of the smartphone. Cloud computing seems to be a good fit by shifting...
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