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Shuffle Exchange Multistage Interconnection Network   Nur Arzilawati Md. Yunus,Mohamed Othman and Zurina Mohd Hanapi

Shuffle Exchange Multistage Interconnection Network

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Multistage Interconnection Networks offer an economical solution to communication and interconnection between system components. MINs are designed to provide an effective communication in switching. MINs consist of stages that can route the switching through the path. MINs with the Omega property considered as a practical connection to connect a large number of processors to establish multiprocessor system. In this types of network the major problem occur when the switches failed to route in the stage, if these situations occur the switching need to route to an alternative path to avoid from system failure. Shuffle Exchange Networks (SENs) have been widely considered as practical interconnection systems due to their size of it switching elements (SEs) and uncomplicated configuration. It can helps in fault tolerance and reduce the latency. This research emphasize on the SENs architecture to derived estimation point of reliability value specifically for reliability performance in the...
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