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Network Performance analysis of HTML5 Web applications in Smartphones   Suyog Man Singh Adhikari and Saroj Sharan Regmi

Network Performance analysis of HTML5 Web applications in Smartphones

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To cope with increasing demand of potential users for richer content from web,different third party proprietary plug-in were installed in the browser itself but this in turn adds extra overhead in universal client side.So there is a need of new paradigm shift that can provide even better set of functionality and support without overloading the universal browser. HTML5 addresses this issue and is expected to grow beyond the limitation of services that were previously delivered using native applications only. This book gives insight about readiness of HTMl5 web apps in smart phones exposed to different network conditions and browsers.From the analysis of experimental data,we found that android phones provide better support for HTML5 web applications than windows phones. Also,the HTML5 applications loading time is limited by the browser rendering time and is dependent on hardware configuration of device being used rather that the content loading time from the network. This work is...
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