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Eagle Eye   Nandhakumar Kathiresshan

Eagle Eye

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although security has been addressed in various aspects, accountability is a main stream of security which is lacking in today’s computer systems. The ability to not just detect errors but also to find the reason for the failure and also the system in charge is crucial. Accountability in distributed systems is a main issue which has to be dealt with more effectively and efficiently. This work introduces Eagle Eye, which is a novel approach to overlay accountability over distributed systems. It is a standalone application which does not merge with the application which is being monitored. Eagle Eye works by maintaining secure log files of all the packets being sent and received. Faults are detected using these recorded log files on-demand and periodically. Eagle Eye can be used with a wide variety of applications as it only requires that the results are deterministic and not arbitrary. Eagle Eye was applied to three different protocols over peer-to-peer system and over the network file...
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