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To Study and Improve the performance of QoS parameters in MANETs   Chandan Kapoor

To Study and Improve the performance of QoS parameters in MANETs

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aims at providing state-of-art knowledge and will prove to be a master piece for the budding aspirants in the field of MANETs. The book is well planned and will take you through the basic introduction to the final conclusion and the future perspectives of the technology via the work already done in this field and the implementation and results. The author, after completing his graduation and post-graduation, started working as an Assistant Professor, and presently he is working with a Multi-National Company. The author has also published his authenticated research work in the form of research papers in some well known journals. After reading this book, you will find that the author has not left any stone unturned to let you better understand the concepts. He has tried his level best to make the concepts easy to understand and to be implemented in real-time by providing step-by-step instructions for the configurations.
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