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Future Network Management   Luciana Oliveira

Future Network Management

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Smart communication has received a great attention due to inflexibility of network infrastructure and hard expression to manage scenarios such as energy saving and Virtual Network Operator (VNO). Previous works on programmable networks introduced mechanisms to offer and deal open standard for signalization and network interfaces. However, these are not full solution for our problems concerning those scenarios, because they require information closer to user and a distributed mechanism to extract and produce knowledge for network administrator. For this reason, we invite the reader to study how we could build semantic flow (network information closer to user) in order to manage the networks. A collaborative algorithm based on automata theory and a management platform were proposed and evaluated for energy saving and VNO scenarios, that require those features for network infrastructures. This book, therefore, should help the reader to envisage a new management which has smart...
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