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Cooperative Black Hole Attack Detection by Modifying AODV   Kundan Munjal,Shilpa Verma and Namita Munjal

Cooperative Black Hole Attack Detection by Modifying AODV

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A black hole is a malicious node that spuriously replies for any route request without having any active route to the specified destination. It then absorbs all the data packets and drops them fully or sometimes partially so that the destination node will not be able to get the data packets results in affecting the PDR (packet delivering ratio) to a great extent.Sometimes two or more black hole nodes cooperate with each other with the same aim of dropping or absorbing the packets. These are known as cooperative black hole attacks. Our goal will be on proposing an efficient scheme for detecting cooperative black hole attacks as well as on ensuring the security against the Cooperative Black Hole attacks.
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