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A Monogram On Design And Development Of FPGA Based Firewall   V. G. Shelake and R. K. Kamat

A Monogram On Design And Development Of FPGA Based Firewall

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work has presented an altogether unique approach for the implementation of the firewall. As evidenced from the results our implementation of the firewall in the FPGA paradigm not only leads to an SoC development but also gives high performance and high throughput with a capability to cater to the line speed. The other attributes of our design is also its reconfiguration aspects for different scenario. The comparison between our implementation and the existing firewalls shows that our firewall supports checking of all the attributes of the TCP/IP packet such as source IP, destination IP, Source port, Destination port and MAC address. Moreover it is compliant to all the protocols. It outperforms other firewalls in zero time effectiveness. IT also eases the system administrator’s task of configuration with a simple GUI based approach.
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