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Smarthome Computing System Using Mobile Devices   Mohd Nazri Ismail,Mohd Afizi Shukran and Kamaruzaman Maskat

Smarthome Computing System Using Mobile Devices

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project was designed to focus on developing the Home Security System using SMS. A quick response and real time is a key element for this project to assist user to prevent from any harmful or crime incident such as intrusion, burglars, murder and so on at their residence with or without their present. This system is developed adopted from the iterative and incremental development methodology, which is used as guidelines into creating a unique method that is suitable for this project. This methodology consists of five phases which are concept and research, planning development, and implementation, testing, maintenance and the final phase is producing the prototype. The prototype development is successfully integrate the different communication technologies with the different applications efficiently and effectively. With the successful of this system, it will simply to serve user with the affordable system but reliable and practical.
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