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Route Optimization in Mobile IP   Sherif Kamel

Route Optimization in Mobile IP

248 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mobile IP has seen slow deployment for two major reasons; the need for enhancing edge routers with Home Agent/Foreign Agent functionality and the fact that triangle routing in such systems is not efficient. Triangle Routing is defined as the route that must be taken through the Home Agent for any traffic sent by the Correspondent Node to the Mobile Node. This route is triangle in nature and longer than the normal path between the Corresponded Node and the Mobile Node. Many protocols and research efforts have been developed to solve this problem. This book proposes a technique called Internet Service Provider Mobile IP Border Gateway (ISP MBG) for solving the Triangle Routing Problem in conventional Mobile IP protocol using the Internet Service Providers separated by a Mobile IP Border Gateways (MBGs). This proposed technique has been implemented and tested on the Microsoft.net platform. Simulation results prove that the new framework has solved the Triangle Routing Problem in Mobile...
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