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Tordes   Ajay Bhushan


84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tordes: A symmetric key algorithm - It is a block cipher algorithm and unique independent approach which uses several computational steps along with string of operators and randomized delimiter selections by using some suitable mathematical logic. It is specially designed to produce different cipher texts by applying same key on same plain text. It is one of the best performing partial symmetric key algorithms particularly for the text message with limited size. It also protects the cipher text from attacks like Brute-force like attack because it is fully dependent on the key and code cannot be deciphered by applying all possible combinations of keys. The following information invariably used in TORDES for encryption Techniques. Key Values Code sequence string generated from a particular process. Transformation of string. Mirror Image the string ADVANTAGES OF TORDES The algorithm is very simple in nature. There are more operations present in this algorithm which would make it more...
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