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The Effectiveness of Rebranding   Patson Chawuruka

The Effectiveness of Rebranding

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study sought to investigate the effectiveness of the rebranding a strategy in the mobile communications industry with Net One as a case study. To help in the execution of this project, the researcher set out five main objectives. These were to identify reasons that necessitated re-branding; to find out whether Net One’s rebranding strategy is in line with clients’ needs; to assess the clients’ perceptions in the past and present logo changes; to identify the benefits of re-branding that accrues to the organization and to assess resource allocation of the rebranding exercise to the organization. To accomplish the objectives of the research project, the researcher used the case study research design. This uses two broad types of research namely qualitative and quantitative. As for the data collection, the researcher elected to use the self administered questionnaire. A total of 56 questionnaires were distributed to staff, middle managers and clients. Interviews were also done with...
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