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A Study of Cloud Computing as a Game Platform   Aldo Wijanarko and Raymond Kosala

A Study of Cloud Computing as a Game Platform

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It's the era of Cloud Computing. The Cloud offers unlimited resources, that can be considered as "supercomputer for public". This book will briefly explain the new technology called “Cloud Computing” and its potential for game developers. This book will focus on the research of possible advantages and disadvantages for game developers in utilizing cloud computing as a game platform. There will be tests conducted in order to measure the performance of cloud servers compared to conventional dedicated servers from many point of view such as: geographical limitation, resources limitation, monthly cost, fail-safe method and many more. The first test is to measure the download speed of each server. The second test is to see the possibility of remotely accessing both servers via VNC html embedded JavaScript. The last test is to deploy a "Ragnarok Online" game in both servers in which a group of users will play the game. With this new technology called "Cloud Computing", can we play any games...
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