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Quality of Service Management of Distributed Realtime Embedded Systems   Joseph Hoffert

Quality of Service Management of Distributed Realtime Embedded Systems

224 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With increasing advantages of cost, performance, and scale over single computers, the proliferation of distributed systems in general and distributed event-based systems in particular have increased dramatically in recent years. To support the requirements of a broad spectrum of application domains, publish/subscribe middleware for event-based distributed systems typically provides many policies that affect end-to-end system quality of service (QoS) properties. While tunable policies provide fine-grained control of system QoS, configuring and managing QoS has become more complex as QoS support for pub/sub middleware platforms has increased. This work focuses on the following four synergistic areas: (1) a model-driven technique for developing QoS configurations and applicable implementation artifacts; (2) composite QoS metrics to quantitatively evaluate multiple QoS concerns, (3) a technique for evaluating QoS mechanisms in specific operating environments and providing guidance for QoS...
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