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Future Internet Architectures   Luciana Oliveira and Djamel Sadok

Future Internet Architectures

144 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dynamic and mobile communications have received a great attention due to instability spread over networks. Previous works on Internet architecture introduced the strong association between IP and names as "the problem" that could be solved by overlays mechanisms. However, such decoupling is not full solution for our problems concerning mobile and unstable enviroments, since the dynamicity may propagate several rebinds and control messages for all network. For this reason, we invite the reader to analyze a new paradigm, closer to social roles and appreciate explanations of how networks could be modeled to make up stable societies, which should ensure end to end cooperation and manage instabilities generated by changes in the network context. A traditional DHT algorithm was used to exemplify the building and evaluation of mapping among overlay networks, that require instabilities control, and a social model. This book, therefore, should help the reader to envisage future scenarios which...
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