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How much energy does a PC consume?   Diego Reforgiato and Salvo Norma

How much energy does a PC consume?

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In recent years the performance of the PC have increased significantly, thanks to new technological developments; but, while these developments lead to an increased power, on the other side there is a very important issue: the cooling of the PC. This consequence is due to the fact that the increased power of the components is directly proportional to their temperature, resulting from the overheating of their electrical resistance. The reduction has many advantages in the level of activity of our pc. First of all, the energy conservation automatically results in savings and environmental resources resulting from the decrease of activity. In addition, a second advantage lies in the fact that it can reduce the activity and increases the life of computers, saving, for example, the processor useless cycles, and reducing the temperature of the components.
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