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Video Streaming Optimization in ADSL Architecture   Gustavo Santos,Djamel Sadock and Stenio Fernades

Video Streaming Optimization in ADSL Architecture

116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the evolution of the broadband market and the decline of the traditional voice services, telecom service providers need to offer a larger combination of services to maintain competitiveness and gain market share. Video and audio content are now available like never before. With the seamless delivery of voice, video and data services, Triple Play Services (3P) are essential for operators and service providers to retain their customer base. Video streaming applications require uninterrupted data transfer, but the smallest packet losses can result in great quality degradation. Moreover, delay and jitter can have crucial impact on the video delivery. This work tackles the Video Streaming impairments in different scenarios, such as noisy environments, concurrent background traffic and different distances from the customer and service provider. Variables related to the ADSL infrastructure, e.g. noise protection and QoS mechanisms, are observed and their adjustments are made in order to...
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