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Self organizing ad hoc grids   Vassiliy Sokolov

Self organizing ad hoc grids

88 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is an increasing interest to the market-based resource allocation in Grids and also resource discovery. There are many different approaches offering better resources utilization. We are particularly interested in a model with double auction mechanism where bids are made from both sides - consumers and producers, because it allows finding a match of resource and request with comparable prices. Such a model has been successfully implemented with Jboss server as the auctioneer in previous research. Increasing the number of participating nodes was challenging due to features of the Jboss platform. Consequently, the problem of scalability had to be solved. Instead of looking for another server based auctioneer, it has been decided to turn to peer to peer overlay networks, because they allow for wide scalability and also provide good routing mechanisms in message delivery. The goal of the project was to map server based implementation in Jboss into decentralized ad hoc grid, running...
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