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Energy Efficient And Secured Communication For Manets In Military   Hamid Reza Barzegar,Mahdiyeh Barzegar and Neshat Alidad

Energy Efficient And Secured Communication For Manets In Military

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Military organizations, similarly to other organizations that are concerned about the security of information exchanges, with high energy efficiency have always heavily relied on secure exchanges of short messages. A reliable system for such message exchanges is considered to be a particular strength for such organizations. In this book two protocols that are used, first one is Secure Message Transmission (SMT) protocol in order to secure the data transmission phase by tailoring an end-to-end secure data forwarding protocol to the MANET communication requirements and increase the reliability through transmitting the messages in multiple paths with minimal redundancy. As a second one Concentration is on Energy Efficient topology in Ad-hoc networks. The topology that is used in this case is Demand Based Energy efficient Topology (DBET) to reduce the energy consumption for Mobile Ad-hoc network, by dynamically adjusting the topology for various network traffic conditions. ...
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