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Classification of data mining techniques in intrusion detection   Gaurav Mishra and Gulshan Ahuja

Classification of data mining techniques in intrusion detection

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Data mining is the process of gathering, searching, and analyzing a large amount of raw data, as to discover patterns, relationships and behavior of data. There are large numbers of algorithms for classification of data mining. Single algorithm is not efficient for classification of data and recognize their pattern and behavior .There is a key term known as ensemble learning which means Combining two or more classifiers for efficient result. I have used the KDD’99 dataset for the experiment which have 41 features labeled either as normal or as an attack. In this book I have represented how graphical machine learning tool weka can be used for data mining and how ensemble learning can be implemented using weka.I have used three classifiers with the Bagging and Boosting ensemble learning approach which are complementary naive bayes and two are rule based classifiers, part and jrip. My experiment shows that bagging improves the efficiency of the rule based classifiers as well as of naive...
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