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Knowledge Management System For Scholarly Activities Using Web 3.0   Paripati Lohith Kumar

Knowledge Management System For Scholarly Activities Using Web 3.0

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book guides reader to build a Semantic Web application with detailed steps from scratch. The following lines convey the problem statement : "The scholarly activities query, retrieval, maintenance and management of institution repository data is often difficult, because repositories are loaded with documents in a myriad of formats generated by an Institution. The current data retrieval techniques that are used in institutional repositories make use of indexing and keywords in order to retrieve information which results in reduced accuracy in matching user requests. This justifies the need for proposed a system called K.M.S.S.A, which will enable machine involvement to enhance the efficiency of information seeking process through flexible query option and well conceptually organized structure of documents inside the repository for researchers. Adding semantic technologies to the educational repository of the institution will add support for the functions carried out by the...
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