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Web Based Search Engine - Your personal search engine   Nishant Rajak

Web Based Search Engine - Your personal search engine

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A Search Engine helps you find things on the Internet. Any time anyone looks up anything on the Internet, where they start from scratch, they''re probably using a search engine. There are individual Search Engines, Some Search Engines don''t even do their own listings, and they just search those of other Search Engines. Another way to define Search Engines is special web sites designed to serve as searchable "indices" for the Search engines typically employ computer programs that continually collect information about web pages and organize this information in a searchable database. (These programs are sometimes called "spiders"--they traverse all (or at least many) of the branches of the web that connects web pages, following from link to link, much as a spider could walk the strands of its web.) The term "search engine" is often used generically to describe both crawler-based search engines and human- powered directories. These two types of search engines gather...
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