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Web Based Resources and Tools   S. Dhanavandan

Web Based Resources and Tools

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The important function of academic libraries today is the provision of web based information in electronic formats. Today libraries are providing electronic access to a wide variety of resources, including indexes, full-text articles, complete journals and web resources. In fact, libraries have been moving towards an electronic environment, in which sufficient computers are necessary for patrons to access information. Presently, Web resources is growing at a very fast rate, spreading its roots at an unimaginable speed and becoming an integral part of our lives. No one had ever imagined that Internet would become so integral to the world when it started as a simple communication tool. This study traces out the status of web resources in terms of purpose of using web based information, frequency of using web resources and tools, rating of web resources, level of satisfaction , use of search engines, types of websites used by respondents, and extent of difficulty in accessing web...
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