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On Optimal Multimedia and Data Multicast in IP Networks   M. Reza Rahimi

On Optimal Multimedia and Data Multicast in IP Networks

84 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Given a fixed network of routers, a set of multicast sources and their corresponding receivers, the problem of constructing multicast sessions that maximize the multicast throughput of all sessions for different applications has been considered in this book. It is known that for problem with only one source node, heuristic algorithms based on packing maximum-rate Steiner trees may achieve throughput close to network capacity for some networks of interest. As it is investigated thoroughly in this book, direct extension of such successful algorithms for single-source scenarios to multi-source application is inefficient. In this book, it has been proposed and investigated three novel classes of tree packing algorithms, the non-cooperative class, the medium cooperative class and the highly cooperative class, that are distinguished by the degree of cooperation between participating routers. It has been show, how better performance can be achieved when the source...
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