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Nambatya Prosscoviainternet Based Resources for School Libraries   Chandran Velmurugan and M. Kannan

Nambatya Prosscoviainternet Based Resources for School Libraries

152 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
INTERNET BASED RESOURCES FOR SCHOOL LIBRARIES: The new book offers teachers and school librarians to utilize the internet and its resources effectively and efficiently both as a learning and research. This book contains the area such as computer networks, Internet, Online resources, Electronic resources. This book is also helped to teachers and school librarians for their reference and research purpose. The book is divided into six major chapters. First chapter deals with the definition of concepts, objectives of the study, justifications and significance of the study. Second chapter lists out the results of earlier studies in the form of literature reviews. Third chapter brings out the methodology of the research work. Fourth chapter depicts the tables drawn out of the analysis carried out from the data gathered. Fifth chapter summarizes the findings and conclusion of the study and the last chapter highlights the list of abbreviations and useful links. Finally, the book aims to...
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