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E-shopping   Ali Bukar Maina


160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The first part of this book presents an investigation into e-commerce website development, its evolution, existing systems, technologies involved, and the software used. Furthermore, the appropriate tools and technologies are chosen, then a project specification is documented on what e-commerce website to design and implement in the next phase of the final project. The second part entails the design and implementation of an interactive e-commerce website which specialises in selling men’s sporting apparel. The report shows a detailed design of the user interface, and then goes further to carry out an appropriate database design. Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL were the software tools used to implement the following features, product catalog, shopping cart, search functionality, and a simple recommender system. Furthermore, customer information are processed and maintained via the use of registration and login forms. In addition, the application provides an interface for the web...
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