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Effects Of Cognitive Load On Participation Of Online Learners   John McQuaid

Effects Of Cognitive Load On Participation Of Online Learners

156 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Research has shown that a learner’s cognitive load is manipulable via the design of instruction. When the extraneous and germane loads are too high, or if other non-instructional cognitive demands are placed on the learner, learners can become frustrated, anxious and lose confidence in their ability to complete the course. This sense of frustration increases the likelihood that learners, especially novice learners, will become overwhelmed and unable to transfer the knowledge or skills acquired. Learners must adapt to the online environment before meaningful learning can occur. Therefore, understanding the cognitive load imposed by each task including the learner’s perception of their ability to complete the course, will be valuable for the creation of improved instructional strategies, designs and participant selection procedures. The topic of this study was an analysis of the effects of cognitive load experienced by e-learners as they negotiate the tasks required for successful...
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