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Perceptions of Effectiveness of the Web in Literature Classes   Serena Roberts

Perceptions of Effectiveness of the Web in Literature Classes

180 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Web is used frequently as a curricular supplement so gauging its effectiveness in reaching educational objectives should be documented. In this study professional listservs participants were surveyed to assess their perceptions about Web site use in secondary and post-secondary literature classes. The initial electronic survey contained six open-ended research questions. Analysis revealed these literature teachers used Web sites for activities that supported existing practices instead of reforming practices to capitalize on new media. These teachers were concerned with the educational consequences of using the Web rather than with technological or budget concerns. They used students’ reactions to tailor instruction to abilities and needs. The study supports previous findings that teaching practices are not easily reformed with the introduction of new technologies. Further research is needed to measure the impact of Web site use on teaching practices and to investigate whether...
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