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Ontology Based Personalized System   Neelam Goel

Ontology Based Personalized System

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Semantic Web has brought the way to machine process able data by giving data meaning or semantics. The Semantic Web can be considered one big knowledge base where all the applications would share and exchange knowledge. Ontologies have been widely accepted as the primary method of representing knowledge in the Semantic Web. Personalization systems are gaining more popularity in these last years due to the massive amount of information on the World Wide Web. Personalization aims at providing the users with what they need, in other words tailor information presented based on the user requirements.Existing personalization system does not take into account the concept of content management, which is a prerequisite to have updated contents on the web. This book,therefore provides a new architecture for personalization system that incorporates content management in it.The analysis should help shed some light on this new system and especially useful to professionals in the field of...
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