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An Integrated Prefetching and Caching Approach   Jayantrao B. Patil and Bhausaheb V. Pawar

An Integrated Prefetching and Caching Approach

220 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Caching and prefetching are well known strategies for improving the performance of Internet systems. The heart of a caching system is its document replacement policy, which selects the pages to be replaced in a cache when cache is full and a new request arrives. Similarly, the essence of a prefetching algorithm lies in its ability to accurately predict future requests. This book presents method which aims at augmenting frequency and de-augmenting size and finding future frequency using statistical techniques in Web usage mining domain from the historical data in Web server and Web proxy logs. Using these parameters, we extend the well-known GDSF policy. We make the policy intelligent by periodically updating future frequency when some condition becomes false. In addition, we present a new method to integrate this caching algorithm with our Static prefetching algorithm. We empirically show that the system performance in terms of hit rate and byte hit rate is greatly improved using...
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