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Internet Use In Students Hostels   Khakata Nyokabi E. and Ateya Ismail L.

Internet Use In Students Hostels

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Internet use by students is becoming a norm. They require to use the internet when they are not within the college in order to do research and work on their assignments. This book contains the results of a research that was carried out in various students’ hostels for students in different faculties at Strathmore University . The findings of the research reveal that the Internet is not extensively used by undergraduates in their halls of residence. Students prefer using modems to access the Internet since their hostels rarely provide the services. The research also examines the equitable access to the Internet, as students mostly rely on private/commercial Internet cybercafes – both on and off campus – for their access and use. The findings of the research also reveal the need for Internet services in student’s hostels and the use of the Internet in university for optimal utilization of electronic information sources. The research is useful for those in decision-making roles as it...
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