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Virtual social networks and open innovation: questioning the RBV   gianluca caccamo

Virtual social networks and open innovation: questioning the RBV

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today open source philosophy points the way to innovations arising from the adoption of new models for distributing know-how and exploiting intellectual capital. Growing interest in knowledge management has led to increased attention being paid to social network analysis as a tool for mapping the structure and nature of shared information. However, despite the knowledge-intensive nature of resource-based view (RBV), social network analyses of the R&D function remain relatively rare. This paper discusses the role of networks in the development, exchange and dissemination of knowledge exploitable by companies in search of innovation. An empirical study using social network analysis is presented to give evidence to theoretical models. This takes into account both static and dynamic network variables, and debates motivational drivers behind members' commitment to social networking. The implications for business world are clear: companies have to rethink traditional approach...
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