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High Performance Electronic Lecture Service via WWW   Amr Kabardy,Islam Beltagy and Amr Magdy

High Performance Electronic Lecture Service via WWW

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
E-Learning is now a major issue to the world. However, there are challenges facing interactive e- learning environments; Like the available bandwidth and the need for Real-Time communication. According to these and other challenges, the system performance should be analyzed deeply. Interactive e-learning environment, to be most effective, should provide different components and tools that allow different types of interaction between speaker and attendees. Creation and integration between all required components is not trivial as different privileges are granted to different users. To create such rich environment, technologies used should be selected carefully to satisfy real time and learning environment constraints. For instance, a streaming server is a must to stream audio/video and other data to all attendees simultaneously. Client components are preferred to be compatible with the server not to waste resources. With integrated clients and server, we could build...
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