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FingerID   Sara Jeza Alotaibi,David Argles and Mike Wald


152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The widespread authentication mechanism of username and password is out-dated, and does not meet current needs. Intruders and hackers have also learnt, and become more tech savvy. This raises the need to introduce a better and more reliable authentication mechanism which is not dependent on a series of characters, but rather on a technology that is unique and only possessed by the individual. Another problem faced by modern-day Internet users is that they are required to maintain a long list of passwords for their web accounts - maybe 15-20 accounts. In this book, we propose a one-stop solution to eliminate all these problems; a new security model based on Fingerprint Recognition for Distributed Systems. This solution will make the experience of access to distributed web accounts a more secure, accessible and usable one. The findings of this book will revolutionise the entire authentication mechanism on the web, and thereby enable the user access to distributed accounts at a single...
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