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Assessing the impact of Internet in library and information services   Md. Anwarul Islam and SALMA CHOWDHURY

Assessing the impact of Internet in library and information services

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Internet has played such a significant role in the world that there hardly a field of activity in life where it is not evident. The emergence of Internet is one of the hallmarks in the revolution triggered by the networking technology. Today, academic libraries are struggling to keep their place as the major source of inquiry in the face of emerging internet technology. Internet technology in academic libraries has revolutionized not only the way of disseminating information but also how users seek and access information. As a developing country like Bangladesh, internet facilities of higher academic institutions are not satisfactory. It is found that the services of different units of the selected university libraries are not sufficient to meet the needs of the respondent’s information requirement. These are more and more e-resources should provide for the library users, Internet facilities should increase, arranging training program for the library users and library...
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