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Simple and Secured Access to Networked Home Appliances via Internet   Arpita Mondal

Simple and Secured Access to Networked Home Appliances via Internet

180 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work describes a web-based application that will enable users to access their networked home appliances over the Internet in an easy, secured, accessible and cost effective manner, using only the iris image of users for authentication. As Internet is increasingly gaining significance in our daily lives, various home networking technologies also started gaining importance from consumers, which helped in facilitating interoperability, sharing of services and exchange of information between different electronic devices at home. As a result, the demand to be able to access home appliances or security cameras over the Internet gradually grew. In this research, we propose an efficient, secured, low-cost and user-friendly method to access networked home appliances over the Internet, providing strong, well integrated, three levels of security to the whole application and user data. According to our design, we have used a secure communication channel utilizing Secure Sockets Layer v-3.0...
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