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Cyber crime control techno-legal network   Viswanatha Subramaniam and RAMARAJ RAVI

Cyber crime control techno-legal network

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Internet technology in Electronic science, and its utility have advanced at a faster rate, than any other area of science. The internet crimes are also increasing in an equal pace. The crimes are happening in the Cyber space. How to be safe, so that any secret data is not stolen and misused ? There are cyber laws, to catch the evident crimes where both the sufferer & the person who committed the crime are reachable. But a Cyber crime is an intellectual stealing technique. The robber himself, access the valuable data in cyber space, through a software. Steals, hacks, damages, or misuses the data. There is a time gap between the crime & it’s effects, on the ground level !! How to capture them ? The moral is that a technical robber should be caught or trimmed through the same technology of their robbery. This is achieved in this book through a Cyber Law Control unit at ground, and a Cyber Law control Shell at cyber level, for every nation. These coordinate among themselves, and...
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