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Consumer-oriented online shop creation   Paula Kaminska

Consumer-oriented online shop creation

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Consumer-oriented creation takes place when meeting the needs of the consumer is a prime achievable objective. This dissertation explores how an Internet presence can be built in the context of e-commerce. It focuses upon consumer expectations and needs; respecting their way of thinking and adapting to it. Mistakes committed by web designers, as well as ideas which have become Internet standards are also discussed. Precise steps of creating a successful online shop are presented from inception to coding. Emphasis is put on a web design process which requires an appropriate methodical approach. The general idea is to make an arrangement of website elements consistent and to show their functionality without any words - through the use of appropriate colours, shapes and images. Web design can create credibility but its main role is functionality - the cooperation of logic and emotions. Consumer-oriented web design offers organisations the potential to present themselves to millions...
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