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NMAL Online Shopping System   Nima Morad Alibeigi Langeroudi

NMAL Online Shopping System

232 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world of Business has continuously been organizer to acceptance the use of technology to the extent that either of the two will be useless without the existence of the other. The common thing between Business and Technology has been in existence since the beginning of the first generation computers back in the 1940s where it was only big company or organization and government establishments that could be able to afford the money to purchase and maintain computers. This book will present the analysis and design and implementation of an online Shopping system of electronic products for NMAL Company. The system is a web-based shopping system that will be used by the customers to buy electronic products online. It will present research about Online Shopping, research about Customer Relationship Management features, planning, analyzing and find solution for current existing problems to future implementation of Online shopping for NMAL Company which is selling Electronic...
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