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Revenue Model Optimization of Android Gaming Apps   David An

Revenue Model Optimization of Android Gaming Apps

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The smartphone industry is one of the most dynamic technology waves of the past 100 years. Within 5 years, over 700 million smartphone devices have been sold, reaching a global penetration close to 80% soon. At the same time, the two incumbent operating system providers Apple and Google are engaged in a fierce platform war and within a short period of time software, middleware and distribution eco-systems have been built offering app developers a myriad of technological possibilities. Current industry dynamic is causing a high level of uncertainty for developers with regard to designing the right business model. Especially, the revenue model needs careful consideration when designing a business model. This book focuses on android gaming app developers and aims at giving recommendations as to how their revenue models can be optimized. This is done by applying three theoretical frameworks called “Business Model Reinvention” by Johnson et al. and the “Activity System perspective”...
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