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Action Cyber Crime Prevention Programme in Civics and Social Studies   Olugbenga Ige

Action Cyber Crime Prevention Programme in Civics and Social Studies

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The introduction of computer is considered to be the third revolution in education. The first was the printing of books, while the second was the introduction of libraries. This may be the reason scholars emphasize that computer is seen as one of the major inventions of the twentieth century that has contributed immensely to the service of humanity. The Internet, which is an offshoot of the computer revolution, can be said to be the fourth revolution in education. This is because of the immense contributions and development it has brought to education. Despite these developments, educational researchers have rarely examined the social effects of the Internet on school-age children. Like many other nations, Nigeria’s Internet use and development have witnessed surging cyber crimes, many in traditional forms but others as new phenomena. Unfortunately, this appears to be the least studied subject because it is a crime committed in the cyber space. Key questions such as the status and...
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