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Cyber World: Potentials and Risks   Vrajlal Sapovadia,Kandarp Patel and Akash Patel

Cyber World: Potentials and Risks

160 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cyber Technology offers ample opportunities to seek, analyze and use information as never before. It is useful to government for better governance, to entrepreneurs and corporate world for wealth maximization, learning tools to educators and students, provides entertainment, medical solutions, and new horizons to scientific research ranging from dissecting a microbe to visualizing the universe. Cyber technology has increased efficiency, ease and effectiveness by providing better solutions. But it has also opened up new vulnerabilities and poised threat to security of life and property. Cyber crime is rising. Governments and cyber professionals are finding solutions to combat cyber crimes. The book provides insights in exploiting benefits and opportunities of cyber technology and provides alert against the risk. The book may be useful to the students, teachers, managers, businessman, government officials, researchers and home makers whether they are using computer...
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