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Open Source Freeware E-mail to S.M.S Alert System   Olatunde Iyaniwura

Open Source Freeware E-mail to S.M.S Alert System

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present method of sending E-mail to SMS using available software does not allow for flexibility. The proprietary software is not made available to the subscriber. The subscribers are always at the mercy of developers who had tailored their software to their taste. The open freeware is available to everybody who is interested in tailoring it to suit his/her purpose. New functionalities can be added at will as to enable you improve on the present available functionalities. What you purchase is the bulk SMS. GSM modem with in-built SIM card that works with a GSM wireless network was acquired. A website was created and registration with the SMS gateway through which the E-mail to SMS will pass through was developed. The bulk SMS was purchased from this gateway developer. Database used to store the records of the staff. HTTP is made use of as middleware. As E-mail is being brought by SMTP server, it is received by POP3/ IMAP for onward transmission to the MAIL-BOX. The software...
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