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Internet Computing Essentials   Dauda Ayanda

Internet Computing Essentials

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The evolution of Internet has gone from being less of a luxury to more of a necessity for all of us. The new approach of handling data and information through the Internet is the main issue before the researchers in academia and industry because the technology is fast bridging the digital divide and bringing the Web to the masses. These have paved the pathways to the modern digital civilization. This book provides a brief and concise study of Internet. It covers concepts in Internet technologies that are most relevant to the beginning students in Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities, including the history of Internet, architectures, protocols and services. The book also gives an overview of the next-generation Internet technologies as well as the application of Internet in higher learning. Since it is imperative to embrace changes and makes the paradigm shift into 21st century education which Internet offers, this book will provide a useful guide for everyone that finds it...
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