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Effect of sender buffer on video quality of experience   Mustafa Noor

Effect of sender buffer on video quality of experience

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this thesis, the effect of buffer strategy on video quality has been investigated. For this purpose, a software system was developed to implement buffer strategy at sender and receiver sides. Four experiments were performed under this system and five scenarios were designed under each experiment. A subjective test of MOS was conducted for all the scenarios to collect people''s perception about three different videos. People from different background and of different age group were invited to take part in all the experiments. MATLAB and MS Excel were used for data collection and plotting graphs. We conclude that people have convergence of opinions when communication break time increases than the size of buffers at both ends. Finally, the MOS ratings of this subjective test prove that by the use of same size buffers at both ends improves the user''s perceived quality of video at acceptable level. Because of empirical study, the main focus was on implementation...
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